studio visit w/ Sto Len for his upcoming show @booklynart 9/12. 👆books in progress

studio visit w/ Sto Len for his upcoming show @booklynart 9/12. 👆books in progress



The Bakery Presents:

Hang Ten Heat Wave

August 22–September 22, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, August 22, 7–10pm

Featuring: Annemieke Beemster Leverenz, Jon Bocksel, Patrick Costello, Matthew F Fisher, FLKLR Surf, Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao, Horse Cycles, Jason Kachadourian, Sam Kalda, Aimee Lusty

Hang Ten Heat Wave is a summer show of ten artists and designers whose work is driven by a desire to connect with nature. The contributors are based in New York and spend only a fraction of their time outside the city, causing their work to take on a romanticized and often fantastic interpretation of what lies beyond their immediate, urban surroundings. In many ways New York City is an organism, constantly changing to adapt, but few would refer to its booming developments as natural. Even the untamed and overgrown spaces within the boroughs–landscaped parks restricted within the confines of the grid plan–turn out to be elegant hoaxes, self-aware illusions of nature. The city is so carefully planned that any ‘nature’ which develops within it’s limits, now or in the future, will be automatically subverted. The artists and designers in Hang Ten Heat Wave join a lineage of New Yorkers who weave into their own urban existences a stylized version of the natural world: sunny days, lush forests, blue oceans and high-contrast deserts. And because they are removed from the harshness of these places, their work is an often playful representation of the New Yorker fantasy: to leave behind the city and try to reconnect with the elements of which they are continuously deprived. The work represented in Hang Ten Heat Wave is pure summer vibes.

Art show 2nite #hangtenheatwave   🌻🌞🌊🌴 @bakerybrooklyn 325 Rutledge St. BK 7-10pm w/ @radmiral @jasonkachadourian @bocksel @desert_sea_captain @sam_kalda 👀

Art show 2nite #hangtenheatwave 🌻🌞🌊🌴 @bakerybrooklyn 325 Rutledge St. BK 7-10pm w/ @radmiral @jasonkachadourian @bocksel @desert_sea_captain @sam_kalda 👀